Friday, 30 January 2009

Speedy Week


My new laptop came yesterday, and what was the first thing I did on it? DOWNLOAD DIE HARD 4.0, THAT'S WHAT! I officially have no life and am a loser.
I am going to have a quiet weekend so I can save up to go to NYC in a month or so, although the exchange rate is ruining my plan to spend it up, gossip-girl style.
Anyone have any exciting plans?

Source: Agyness Deyn by Matt Irwin


Dooder City said...

Did you do these pose as soon as your laptop was set up? And screamed, "Yes!" heehehe

Miss Urbanita said...

Wow, great pic! KIsses ;)

Krystal said...

i watch tv online, so...we're oding the same things :)


UberOriginal said...

Oh NYC, I want to go their terribly, I am working on a saturday woo! At least I get my hair done after :) xx

*lo said...

dude, i want to go to ny so bad, too....

GretyDoll said...

nice photo btw, well am on a saving plan right now too but to go to paris, but i am still unsure of it lol its kinda wierd bc i have to stay with my ex which i still talk to everyday lol but i dont know lol. but i hope you have loads of fun in NY.
bisous grety

chloe said...

love this pic. star glasses are the cutest! i am in nyc on a visit right now and feeling the pain of having no money! it's awful. so jealous you have a new computer!

cleo said...

i love this pic:)
and you are so lucky:)i wish i have to stay home to save some to nyc:)hahaha i would stay home for months:)

MJ. said...

Thanx for the advice!!! I've been there and I must say...I DON'T WANNA LEAVE THIS CITY!!!I just love London and cannot believe I'm goin' back home tomorrow!! I'm gonna miss all these shops so much...:P
Hope u have fun in Soho in NYC if u manage to go! (ok, I also miss my shopping in NY...maybe I should start saving again...:P)


Alecca Rox said...

congrats on ur new laptop, happy...downloading!!

did not make it to ur friend's gig the other night.. everyone said the place is cool and we loved their music on myspace but had to go to some birthday do and then it was so coooold...actually today it'snowing here in Paris. Anyway, hope they had a good time and a good crowd;)

Today I am going to the Sonia Rykel exhibition, i've been looking forward to it for quite a while!