Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sara / Suiting


So I am pretty much killing two birds with one stone in this post - and those beautiful birds are 'Masculine suiting' and 'Sara Blomqvist'! I was checking out Pony Ryder's blog today and read her interview with Sara, which then lead me to obsessively hawk through Fashion Spot for pics of her. I love how her delicate, elfin face is complemented by all this masculine tailoring. She is totally bewitching.
Clockwise from top left, these are her SS09 walks for Pollini, Peter Jensen, YSL and Armand Basi.
My favourite: Peter Jensen's men's shirt and bare legs - so sexy.

I also can't help buy posting this image of Sara in my most coveted dress of SS09 - Christopher Kane's black, scalloped long sleeved creation.


Source: Fashion Spot


Jacqueline, ng said...

I'm looking at the shoes!!

alixrose said...

I think my favorite is the black skirt with the sheer top, sexy and put you in your place fierce.

That scallop dress is art.. walking art!


Blood Roses said...

Yes it IS art! maybe that's justification for saving up and buying it. its an investment piece! :)

Anonymous said...

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