Tuesday, 13 January 2009



Ever since I saw Louise Goldin's crystal-adorned mesh bodysuit on Courtney Love in last month's Elle, I can't stop thinking about how much I want one, but how bad one would look on me. This Alexander McQueen one is so HOT but I don't see any hope for me in trying to replicate this look...the world isn't ready for my lumps and bumps yet!
If you haven't already seen my original post with Courtney in the Goldin suit, see the below pic!


Source: UK Elle February 2009 / UK Elle January 2009


Vintage Tea said...

You could wear one like courtney is. Thats more flattering and just looks like funky leggings and a top over it with a hint of the top of the body suit. I think it would look hot

electric feel said...

mhhh i have the same problem with AA lame leggins it looks so bad on me!

Puebla Chic said...

i totally love your pics...

Alecca Rox said...

i agree with vintage tea. at the end of the day, clothes are made to be worn by real people (i hope!)if courtney can wear it, so can u;)

A+M said...

I wish they sold the UK Elle in the states, and that bodysuit is killer!