Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Cowgirl


I never thought I would say this but...I need to get me some fringed stuff! I love the contemporary styling of cowboy fringeing: especially when its in creams and greys, made with soft, buttery leathers or on distressed, ripped jeans. Yum yum.

Source: i-D January 2009 / tFS


roxanne said...

delish. i'm not anti-fringe, but i've yet to see it look as cool as it does here - leave it to i-D.

electric feel said...

i haven't any fringed thing in my closet but i like fringed bags

johanna said...

Lovely pictures!

karl's sweet child said...

owh, i love this blog and its full of great pictures!!

hadley said...

Ooh I love the fringe. So cute.
Cats are really lovely aren't they? [:

the.ramonas said...

amazing fringe! we just bought a similar jacke tin ebay :) hopefully we post soon! ps don't forget to check our latest post and vote for the band! se you around!


sarah said...

these photos are beautiful. i need to know how i can get little grey sweats like that. i tried making some but it didn't turn out too well, i'm going to try again!