Wednesday, 14 January 2009



I had to pinch this image from Knight Cat's blog as I really love Chloe Sevigny and I think she looks pretty fine in this pic. I like how she mixes grunge with preppiness and never looks overstyled or uncomfortable.

IN OTHER NEWS, in an attempt to beat the credit crunch and do something I enjoy more than sitting at my desk moaning about my employer, my housemate and I will be opening an ebay store soon!
I will get it linked here once its up and running but expect lots of flirty fifties and eighties dresses, cool vintage band t-shirts and studded denim. I am excited!


MJ. said...

Thanks for the comment! u're so sweet...
Chloe has always this effortless style...I envy and admire her :)
I can't wait to see the dresses on your store!:P

pangea said...

im so glad i found your blog, i really enjoy

Krystal said...

i just saw that! good call on posting it, shes so bad ass x

D said...

Don't worry about pinching pictures from Knightcat as she has no qualms with pinching pictures from everyone else, only she doesn't credit them. x

cleo said...

she is the reason i love vintage:)she really is!!!

Andy said...

Chloe Sevigny is so cute and she has such a great sens of style !
+ this image shows her perfectly i really like it!