Thursday, 29 January 2009

Crazy Girl

sinday times style mag 11/08

Alecca Rox tagged me to show the 4th pic on the 4th page of my photo album, so here it is.
Alice Dellal looking scary/foxy...I was kind of hoping for a weird one with an interesting story behind it but alas it was not to be. A couple of pages back however and you may have got a picture of a naked fat man wearing a white beard and santa hat, which I sent out as a Christmas greeting. Eek!

Source: Sunday Times Magazine November 2008 / tFS


Alecca Rox said...

haha... at least your picture features a stylish human!!! you can always show us naked fat man in another post:)

rackkandruin said...

how do i "tag" another blog? i've recently started a blog and i've been wondering how to do that. thanks, xx

chloƩ mariya said...

her hair makes me want to cut mine.

ray said...

too much. loves it. so much.