Monday, 12 January 2009



This is a pretty awesome t shirt.
Hope you guys had an excellent weekend...yesterday I think I actually had the best beef roast ever made! It was ina local pub, and it had home-made yorkshires, really beefy gravy, mustard leeks, red cabbage, cheesy broccoli, carrots and some well crispy roast potatoes. Om nom nom I am practically dribbling!

I also read a hilarous interview with Peaches Geldof in the Observer Woman magazine over the weekend, which I would like to share with you here as she appears to be cropping up more and more on Cobrasnake and Skullset. I recommend that you read it - her precocious bad attitude and lack of understanding of the workings of journalism are sure to make you laugh!

Source: Cobrasnake


electric feel said...

bämmm that's cool
do you know from which brand it is ?

MJ. said...

wow!!! I love that t-shirt!!!I always wanted a skull t-shirt that didn't seem violent and that's perfect!!!
So funny the interview!!!

margault said...

amazing shirt !
amusing interview i have to agree

cleo said...

i love tshirt:)

stephanie said...

and a pretty awesome bag as well!

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

haha thanks for giving me a laugh this evening, I have absolutely no time for Peaches and my hatred is justified.
Cool t-shirt too

Appeal to the Eye said...

really nice and interesting blog girl!

pass by and have a look at mine.
we could exchange links, couldn't we?

Verena Stefanie

Christina said...

Gosh love the tee! Hahaha, I'll definitely read that article. Sounds hilarious! x)

Marina said...

your blog is great!! ;)

cashmere bullet said...

LOVE this shirt!

Maria C said...

Damn thats cool!

Anonymous said...

that tee is from a chain store in New Zealand called Supre.. only costs about $15!

*lo said...

aahhhHHHHHH! i love that shirt!