Wednesday, 14 January 2009

She Kissed a Girl

dazed and confused sep 08

Katy Perry is so clearly styled but I like her cute fifties outfits anyway. It is all very girly though - I find it hard to wear cute feminine clothes as I don't think they reflect my personality that well (eek! I am a man!). My housemate is the total opposite though, she has lots of sweet dresses with peter pan collars and polka dots, and I often have this weird desire to dress her up like a little doll. Actually that sounds a bit creepy...!

Source: Dazed & Confused


Anonymous said...

she is really styled but i like her style anywayy

tailorstitch said...

yh shes really quirky i like it...its different...lool at wanting to dress your roomate up.

melissa kay said...

but it's self style!


cleo said...

i love this sunglasses but i cant find one...:(can anybody tell me where can i find one:)