Saturday, 3 January 2009



Happy New Year to all of you...I have spent the past few days recovering from NYE, but I feel a lot better now. Does anyone have any new year's resolutions? Mine are to cut down on eating so much bad food and to stop being so jaded and pessimistic! I expect these resolutions to last around 1 week :)


mangopeachapple said...

Happy New Year!
And that's an awesome pic there.

My NY's resolution is not to be lazy, work hard at school and eat healthy!

Hope that we both stick to our resolutions for 09 haha

agnes said...

Happy 2009 my dear!!!!

I wish you the best for this year.

well,, I hope i will be happy every single day in 2009 :) and so do you!!!

the.ramonas said...

oh wooooooow I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PICTURE. starting the year very nice... we're still recovering from nye too... heavy shit. resolution? it is kind of a secret that we will be revealing slowly... stay tunned!


Pixienish said...

Happy New Year! Good luck on being more optimistic :)

ANGiE said...


A+M said...

This is such a cool picture, i love how she works the leggings.