Friday, 6 February 2009


This shot from the new Vogue Nippon makes me think of paintings of Ophelia drowning in the river (take a look at the Paul Steck/John Everett Millais/Elizabeth Siddall Rossetti/Odilon Redon versions...I am quite obsessed with artistic interpretations of literature!).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am staying in tonight to watch Quantum of Solace, and tomorrow I am going to London to see a french band called This is Pop at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. If any of you guys are in Londres tomorrow night too then you should come on down! Should be a right ol' laugh.

Source: Vogue Nippon March 2009 / tFS


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

simply beautiful, but i dont expect anyhting less from vogue.

Rich Hippie said...

I Love you blog, its like a collection of everything i love and lost just got summend to your blog

Brook and Lyn said...

Japan Vogue is the best. Every time I go get my haircut from this Japanese salon I grab all the vogues and selfishly take my time going through every page.

melissa kay said...

spot on! totally is ophelia-esque.

Abigail said...

i also love artistic interpretations of literature, especially ophelia. i think she looks a bit too happy to be truly ophelia-esque, though. gorgeous picture anyway.


Marian said...

darling loving the artistic literature reference.I do see the ophelia aura.girl enjoy your night in London,hope the band rocks!
muah x

Dooder City said...

you are so rock n' roll. i love it!
is that maria carla in that photo? let us know how the band is!

iblamecoco said...

i just stumbled over your blog, and i'm absoulutely in love with it.
very inspiring and totally stlye i love.
i just have to link you! :D


Mimi said...

I adore this picture.

Have a nice weekend.

LoveMore said...

great image as always dearest!

hope you had a great weekend :)

xxx love LM

Myriam said...

I'm so upset that my friend forgot to get me Vogue Nippon when he was in Japan recently..grrr.

electric feel said...

definitly something special
i wisch my bathtube will look like this one!

alixrose said...

I love the painting Ophelia it is truly inspiring and resonates // I can see why this made you think of it. Its beautiful.

Raez said...

woah! i love mariacarla!

been browsing your blog for a while and i must say, its FAB! your musings are great, and the pictures you choose are beyond of the best inspiration blogs i've come across with:)

keep up the great work!

Generic Viagra said...

I wouldn't mind having her with all of the flowers in my bathtube, she looks beautiful and sexy.

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