Friday, 20 February 2009


I have this morning been trawling through nineties Vogue eds on tFS, and basking in the gaudiness of some of the things that used to be cool, along with many things which used to be cool and are now cool again. This really reminds me of an archaic version of Wang's A/W 09 collection, with a mix of vintage Madonna....and probably a little bit of prostitute too. Got to love that Gaultier!

Source: UK Vogue Nov 1990 / tFS


electric feel said...

mhhh not my taste
but thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

i love looking at old editorials. it's so fun to what changes, what stays, and what comes around again.

sarah said...

i use to think everything from the 90's wasnt that amazing but for some reason im starting to appreciate some of the designs x

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

yeah this has nineties written all over it >_< not much of a fan

Luxirare said...

yes this is so what alex wang did. I like JPG'S version better though! Great image!

N.B. said...

Who knows, we may be looking at the next big thing. Hard to imagine, but it was hard for me to imagine that those 90's Ray Bans could ever come back. I used to think they were so ugly. Now, not so much.

tobaccoandleather said...

wow, that has restored a little of my faith back into the 90's!

i wore some long leggings like those and a studded leather jacket the other day and i got stopped by a guy thinking i was a prostitute... nice! :/


disa said...

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