Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Love in Love

I am not sure why but I have been feeling very uninspired for the last few days. I suppose it is a combination of the fact that I am busy at work with tasks that are of a complete disinterest to me, and the typical, neverending grey UK weather. I want blue skies, cocktails and a sandy beach. I should probably ditch this country for somewhere more beautiful!
Anyway, this week I will be scouring Borders for a copy of Love magazine. It looks amazing, and features Courtney at her best again - I am very much liking the way she is being styled in recent features (like UK Elle a couple of months back) = lots of grungey, gothic lace, tulle and mesh.

Source: Love Spring/Summer 2009 / tFS


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

They weather in NYC hasn't been any better. It's been below freezing for some days (or even weeks) now, I lose count really.

The subtle use of color in the first photo, her see-through bodysuit and the veil concealing her face make it my favorite shot out of the three.

electric feel said...

hah i totally understand what you mean! last week i felt uninspired!
oh i think we neeed the sun and the beautiful spring!
that's my inspiration!!!

Larita said...

guauu your blog is incleible

Anonymous said...

i'm going to say something odd now: i love her breasts! they are the perfect size and shape. hehe, weird but true.


die tägliche revolution said...

dude- i'm in effing CALIFORNIA and the weather is dismal- gray, rainy. ugh.

but thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! :D

take care


cashmere bullet said...

first off - haha heartshapedmoring (you rock) and Yeah.. crappy weather is a bummer..my inspiration has been dead lately but these pictures are definitely cool..

GretyDoll said...

lol so funny i am to the point of not coming out of my bedroom. no class no life nothing.and i live in miami .come to miami!! i need motivation. and my ex is stressing me out ! fuck. lol .well i hope you get better. xx


Reeally nice blog!!


MJ. said...

The gothic wedding like dress looks great!!
Why I can't find that magazine here!?!??! Geeee sometimes I hate living in that country despite its sunny sandy beaches...:P
I love London!!U wanna exchange houses?LOL!


Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Love love love these!

Annabelle said...

the images you find for your blog are amazing!
just been looking through your blog again and pretty much every post inspires me. nice one sweet!
annabelle x


dana said...

such a gorgeous spread. She is such a great subject for photographers when they catch her at the right times.

Anonymous said...

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