Thursday, 26 February 2009


Sorry I have been absent for a couple of days, my boyfriend and I have just broken up so I am feeling a little sad and scared about the next few months. NO job, no boyfriend and soon, no flat! Don't be surprised if you see me turning tricks under your local bridge soon! Ho ho ho. But there is nothing better to cheer me up than seeing a shot of Chloe Sevigny looking hot to trot in her new line for Opening Ceremony! I am obsessed with those brutal shoes. Stunning.

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Anonymous said...

Oh darling I hope you are ok! Stay Strong! I adore Chloe, and love the new collection for Opening Ceremony. xx

Jodes said...

Oh that sucks!

Mine just broke up with me a few weeks back aswell...i feel your pain!!!!!!

hope you feel better soon sweet.


Eri said...

WOW! Those gladiators are amazing...

GretyDoll said...

yes the whole ensemble is perfect. the shoes are killer. my dear one i hope you feel better. my situation is no better. i have decided i will not go to Paris ans stay with my ex nightmare. men are dumb. just give them some time ,at the end they realize but for some its to late. stay strong!

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Aww sugar, don't cloud your mind with worry. It's never a good things. Things'll come into perspective, and turn out for the better, soon enough.

I read her recent interview on Dazed&Confused about the Opening Ceremony AW09 line, and she kept emphasizing just how much they focused on the designing of the women's shoe line.

They certainly weren't kidding. Those strappy heels are insanely divine (if that makes any sense).

die tägliche revolution said...

thank you love!
california weather is amazing.. but i live on the central coast, so it does get a bit cold and dreary during the winter.. which isn't to say that it's not romantic, since it is, very much. but oh, one does get tired of the fog and rain. ;)

and why no flat, my dear??? i'm actually also on the move... it is a bit nerve-wracking, isn't it? i'm sure it will all turn out, though.

love love


diamondsinchampagne said...

I am sorry to hear that girl :( I know this means nothing now, but as time passes you will feel better. x

LOVE this shot!

No Heart Warming Stories. said...

sorry to hear all that, keep your chin up girl :]

prism and pendulum said...

i'm not really sure what to say. i hope you're doing all right. things will get better, this is definitely the lowest it can go. i'm sending you my positive thoughts and well wishes from los angeles.


Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Love Chloe! And the shoes.
So sorry about the break-up. I just went through one a couple of months ago. It's still hard, but it gets better, even though you don't think so in the beginning. Well, hope you'll feel better soon!

♥ matilda

Ms. Butta-fly said...

Sorry to hear about break up and basically hardship but you are funny...turning tricks under local brigde? Please not you, ur too good for that ;P