Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Yesterday I booked my ticket to NYC for March...and I am so excited! I have never been there before but have always wanted to go. A couple of my best friends are living in Brooklyn right now so going to stay with them, which makes the trip even more bargainous than before (one positive by-product of a crumbling economy = cheaper flights).
AAAHHHH I CAN'T WAIT! A couple of great bands, Team Robespierre and Les Savy Fav, are also playing in Brooklyn whilst im there, which makes things even better :)

I know some of you guys are from NYC so let me know where I should be eating/shopping/dancing/drinking! I need your tips...

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angelica said...

love this outfit!
and i'm so jealous!! i've never been there either. i hope you will have fun.

LoveMore said...

omg. i . am. so . JEALOUS . !!!!!!!!!!!
i want to live in new york..but would settle to lay eyes on it for now..damn having no money makes me so depressed! maybe i should get some self control and stop buying shit! haha
hope you get some cool tips on here for your trip :)

xx LM

electric feel said...

the only thing i can say is:
JE SUIS JALOUSE!!!! *hahha my wannabe french*

Charm said...

ooo ooo I'm going in april! But I just kinda driiiive there haha. I have a ton of places to go and visit (I make a new one every time I go), when I find my list, I can give you some places , but I'm sure your friends know of a couple. I love the t-shirt, by the way, looks so comfy.

sarah said...

what an exciting trip! take lots of pics while you are there.

i'm supposed to go to belize in march but am having a passport issue... i hope i can resolve it!

Dooder City said...

Yey! You are going to love it. Do your friends live in Williamsburg? That's where I live and probably where those bands are playing. Let me know if you need any advice or anything. You are going to have a blast!

Eri said...

Cool, good luck. NYC sounds pretty exciting never been either, must go one day! Have fun

brittany said...

i looooooove that girls outfit!
and im so so soooo jealous youre going to nyc! i plan on one day living there. sooo beautiful. have fun and take lots and lots of photos!

Marian said...

yay honey! super excited for you.great that you have friends there that can show all the best bits in terms of food,music,fashion.
muah x

Connie Hsiu said...

oh my, I love this outfit lots!! so cute :)

GretyDoll said...

so you finally booked it! awsome..ive neeb meaning to book mine for Paris but am so danmm nervous about it now considering the fact that my ex has a new girl blahhh. what ever .he told her his apartment is only for me and she cant come over. so i know youre going to have a blast and make sure to take pics i wanna see you adventures. ill be gone in march also.and your photo its awsome its actually from GARANCEDORE.fr its amazing.

FOXYMAN said...

DAMN i am so jealous!!! have the best time ever in NYC

Luisa said...

I'm live in the lower east side of manhattan and you if you enjoy fashion..... Definitely go to

"Tokyo 7" in the East Village.... Cutest vintage designer clothes.
Also, "Beacon's Closet" in Brooklyn

Eat at Freeman's Alley" in Soho... It's delicious

Drink at The Bowery Hotel...most likely see the likes of Jimmy Fallon or Kirsten Dunst (and a bunch of old rich people)