Tuesday, 2 December 2008


cassette society

For The Cassette Society campaign. Her eye makeup is amazing, how do you get that wet, smudgy, glossy effect?

Source: Fashion Spot


Cindiddy said...

i love that look too! looks like she slept with her make up on. haha donno how to do it tho. =>

chained.up.batgirl said...

okay, buy the compact liquid eyeliner duo from Chanel. I swear you'll end up with the same 'wet grunge' look. Its basically a black liquid eyeliner with a black (glittery) eyeshadow (it's a powder eyeshadow that when applied, it glosses...just like the effect in the photo)...I lined my eyes with the black liner first, you simply wet it and use the brush, let it dry, then I used a fine hair khol brush (Shu Uemura: 5R) to apply the eye shadow. I didn't apply any on the bottom lids though, well not entirely, just at the ends of the corners and then lifted it up to emphasize my cat eyes. :)

I really hope that helps.

Blood Roses said...

oh my god thats a massive help! thanks so much, im defo going to get that. you are a lifesaver, now i can have shiny grungy eyes :)

Rumi said...

A little bit of lip balm mixed with black eyeshadow will definitely do the trick if you're on the go! The only problem with the shinier stuff is that it creases so easily..

Blood Roses said...

thats a good idea too. i will be testing these tricks this weekend :)