Monday, 29 December 2008



Hellooooo! How was your christmas?
Mine was ok, it was nice to see my family and eat some excellent christmas dinner but cabin fever sets in after 2 days and so does the realisation that I have turned into my mother! Eek. I also ate more chocolate than I thought could ever exist and watched an unhealthy amount of crime dramas. Good times!

LoveMore has tagged me to list 7 random things about myself...thanks lovely LoveMore! So...

1. I love Meatloaf...not the food, the man! When I was a kid all I listened to was Meatloaf and Michael Jackson. Ive got rid of Wacko but meaty still remains.
2. I am really obsessive compulsive and drive my housemates crazy when I tidy and organise around them.
3. White Russians are my favourite cocktails.
4. When I was younger I had a near-death experience in a poorly supervised upside-down fairground ride and so now I am distrustful of the carnie people!
5. I have a degree in art and design history but I kind of wish I had studied economics.
6. I want to live in a foreign country
7. I am really really really lazy :)

Oh and I think this picture is a perfect visual description of what I have done for the past few days and how I feel now:


Crying into a packet of crisps and a carbonated beverage. HAHA!


Velvet Hour said...

yeah, i'm sure this photo describes everybody who celebrites christmas, me too ;) i can't even look at food

Andrea. said...

Happy holidays! =)

cleo said...

happy new year and welcome back dear:)

Anonymous said...

I definitely suffered with the cabin fever and chocolate indulgence as well. But, it's nice to be lazy once in a while, isn't it?


darling we all turn into our mothers eventually ;O).ive just accepted it now hehe.welcome back dear.
muah x

Mel said...

welcome back lovely, hope you had an awesome christmas and whoo to new year around the corner! x

jules said...

Happy Holidays, I quite like your blog!

Krystal said...

haha! i love the last shot + description. happy holidays x

shamblebaby said...