Monday, 22 December 2008



Woo three days away from a computer...madness.
The lovely Chloe from Heart Shaped Morning tagged me to reveal 6 things that make me happy so here they are!

1. White chocolate mochas. Mmmmmmmm yum yum.
2. Vogue Nippon/Vogue Russia
3. Black: I appear to have sold all my non-black clothes on ebay and am left looking like a funeral director. I like!
4. Dinosaurs: I went to the National History Museum on friday,, I had never been despite being obsessed with dinosaurs since I was about 8. It was AMAZING!
5. Conspiracy Theories: suspicious of everything....
6. Trashy telly: yeah im talking about rock of love, flavour of love, the lot


electric feel said...

i love vintage pics from Kate the great

chloe said...

i love trashy telly too!