Monday, 22 December 2008

American Dreamin'


This is one hot ed, and not only because its an Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin shoot! There's something I find really sexy about Americana eds. I think this is based in the contrast between the casual plaid shirts and jeans under a bright blue sky and the seductive, almost trashy tone of jewelled, thousand dollar gowns against the strip malls and neon lights...the latter being a luxe paradox that I am completely in love with.

Source: W December 2008


Trendology said...

Love that second photo!

vintageveggie said...

gorgeous. :)

ramona.ny said...

I saw this editorial in W and, I must confess it did not blow me away. Yes the pictures are awesome and the styling is great. Is just that POP photography concept that is getting very cliche. David Lachapelle used it and exploted it... A LOT. Therefore nothing new remains. The Americana concept is great as well but, not very original to me. We want something new, something unique, although I admire it and respect it, the American flag is just starting to get boring. We see it everywhere and that's not good. The cycle has reached its maximum.

Hope you have a merry xmas!

ps- i think i just created a new post with my little speech :)

Krystal said...

yes--GORGEOUS!!!! x

chloe said...

so right about these ads! and i love your description of Americana. your blog is one of my favorites because it shows your style and who you are so consistently...

pangea said...

i check out your blog all the time, i love your style and i really enjoy your blog

Blood Roses said...

i know what you mean Ramona, I think Chappelle's style of pop photography has become quite common, but then again i think the style is representative of noughties consumer-celebrity culture and is quite significant in that sense.
im also a fan of imagery showing the clash between the ideological american dream and the american reality which is what i believe some of these shots convey - a kind of seedy glamour if you will!