Tuesday, 10 March 2009

See you later, alligator

See you all in a week or so! It is my last day of work today and I am flying to NYC tomorrow. Wooohoooo I plan to drink a lot of cocktails and eat a lot of bagels. Overweight drunkenness in another country, here I come!

Oh yes and my Topshop Rodarte-esque jumper turned up today: as predicted, it is NOT the beautiful fluffy, wooly web of a jumper I had hoped/dreamed. It is very stringy, thin and cheap-feeling. Boo!

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sarah said...

have fun in nyc x

die tägliche revolution said...

safe travels, dear!!! that is super exciting, i adore ny.

i'm sorry about the jumper, but you'll definitely find something much better in the city that never sleeps! :D


Dooder City said...

Have an amazing time. Let me know what you are up to here!!!

May Kasahara said...

ooooo weeeeeee.
you are going to have so much fun here! have a safe flight - hopefully the weather warms up a bit before you arrive . .

Kimmy said...

Hi there,

My tips for New York are;

1, Thrift Markets are amazing but the vintage shops are not so cheap!
2, urban outfitters is SO much cheaper than the UK and more choice.
3, Marc Jacob is a lot cheaper as long as it has made in USA.

Hope u have a wonderful time. x

hande said...

wow !!i am so jealous:))that is so great have a fun dear !!also love this pic!!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

aww. thats sucks. Sorry about your jumper :-/

GretyDoll said...

mon amie!!! yeyyy i hope you have the biggest blast ever! i know you will shop till you drop and yes drink and remember make out its fun! take pictures i want to see 'em!
bisou safe flight!

brittany said...

that girl in the photo reminds me of mischa barton!
have fun in NY as i am suuuure you will! take loads of photos and spend all your money on beautiful clothing and no matter what you do you can be sure that i am 100% sooo jealous of you

Vintage Tea said...

Love that pik. Shame about the jumper : (

Visit me at Vintage Tea!


stephanie alex said...

i'll be in new york too :) and i love that photo

Queen Of Russia said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that!

Well, enjoy NYC, the weather should be nice and warm!


Phone with a Cord said...

Try out Scuderia, this new restaurant on 6th and bleecker! so good. Also, sample sales: http://nymag.com/shopping/articles/sb/?f=shop-sub-bargains


ed said...

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Indie.Tea said...

:( What lovely hair she has.

kiki said...

ohhh lucky....cocktails + bagels sounds like the best holiday ever...

Pari said...

great picture...have fun!