Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I love this jacket - the recession is making me want to dress like a crazy 80s pimp!

I was watching a trashy morning news show earlier and a Milan Fahion Week segment quoted one designer as saying that women should apply more imagination to their wardrobes in a time of economic crisis. I suppose this is the garment equivalent of 'putting on a brave face', and judging by the SS and AW 09 collections it appears that recession is also a time for spending your sad, almost-gone pennies on investment and label-signature pieces. Although I don't think my jar of coppers is really going to cut it when thinking about purchasing this Margiela jacket, which is dauntingly 'price upon request'!

Source: US Elle March 2009 / tFS


diamondsinchampagne said...

Love this line :
"the garment equivalent of 'putting on a brave face'".

That jacket is fierce alright!

kiki said...

wow its gorgeous...i would loveeeee to wear this...

electric feel said...

oh my holly gosh
where did you found this FU**ING hot shit!!!
it's amazing*
thanks for sharing!

tobaccoandleather said...

that jacket makes me speechless and pull a totally gormless face in amazement!

i would love to wear it. although i fear i would feel, and look a little like a walking disco ball.

but still. amazing.


Brook and Lyn said...

I think that's one of the huge reasons that why DIY projects are popping up everywhere.

filthy lust said...

wow!! ah.

ray said...

this whole editorial was OFF THE FUCKIN CHAIN!!


MJ. said...

That jacket has no name!!!
Incredible!! (as it is its price...:P)
But such a big have to compensate recession sadness with originality in some way...which better than clothing and fashion?:P


Anonymous said...

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