Monday, 9 March 2009

'New York Dolls'

I love Vogue Nippon, they have the best eds...and 'New York Dolls' (shot by king o' sleaze Terry Richardson) does not disappoint. And have I mentioned that I AM GOING TO NYC ON WEDNESDAY?! Ho ho ho. I am staying on the Lower East Side and have some fun stuff lined up already (all the best bands play in Brooklyn!) but as I have said before, if anyone has any hot tips for where to drink/shop/party then pleeeaaaase, let me know!

Source: Vogue Nippon April 2009 / tFS


Jodes said...

Oh i love them! The red head is killer hot!


diamondsinchampagne said...

I love the wigs and makeup in the first 2 shots!

cleo said...

ohh you are so lucky:)have fun at your trip dear:)
i love love love the 4th pic:)gorgeous

electric feel said...

the givenchy look is ma fav
have fun!

Charm said...

terry richardson really is a sleaze but i effing love his photography. have fun in NY!

prism and pendulum said...

it's awesome that you're going to nyc! i lived in the east village for a year and i miss it so much! some cool places to check out:

-momofuku - an asian fusion restaurant (order the pork steamed buns)
- mudd - coffee shop with cafe in east village and some carts around the city. get an iced chai (if you're not too freezing!)
- backroom/lower east side toy factory - prohibition style bar that's very hard to find, but very chic and funky cool
- hell's kitchen flea market - on sat and sun from 9-6
alligator lounge - williamsburg dive bar that gives you free pizza with every beer!

hope that helps! have fun!


alixrose said...

Take a ton of pics in NY so we can live vicariously through you.
I love Vogue Nippon as well and this ed totally only proves how awesome they are!

GretyDoll said...

fucking amazing editorial.
aww i was soppose to leave to paris on wed. too =[/ well have fun in NYC! thats awesome your going . me on the other hand i am miserable i miss my ex sooo dying.

rackkandruin said...

this editorial is ridic!! i might have to borrow a few images for a post. too hard to resist. have soo much fun in nyc.

brittany said...

seriously when will those chloe boots go away! i want them soooo badly

ray said...


vogue nippon kills.

everyone but us pretty much


thank you!!

maria memi said...

some edgy sharp and sexy girls

Phone with a Cord said...

as a second to prism and pendulum's tips if you dont want to go all the way to brooklyn for alligator lounge you can try crocodile lounge (325 E. 14th St. nr. First Ave)-- same owner and same beer/pizza deal!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice pics for inspiration!

miky said...

i want the chloe booties!!!!!!!