Friday, 21 November 2008

'We Got It Bad'


It is only recently that I have discovered Russh through other bloggers' rave reviews (I have clearly been livng in a cave for the last couple of years!) and I am liking more and more of what I see. These are from a March ed - the styling has a kind of 'nineties mid-America mall' feel that I can really get on board with (its the pastel denim and the furry leopard print that does it for me!).

Source: Russh


Alissa said...

ohh i'm glad you have discovered russh! it's the only aussie fashion magazine that i buy every issue of. and i love this ed with it's kate and johnny 90's vibe!

it actually caused alot of controversy when it was published because zippora was only young (16 or 17?) and was topless in one pic.

the furry knickers are killer. there's something so weirdly appealing about them!

HANNAH-ZOË said...

I LOVE rush and Zippora!

WendyB said...

I like the fuzzy leopard print!