Friday, 28 November 2008



I'm not really sure how this big denim bum represents the freedom of the weekend, but I like the picture so there you go :)

I hope you have an excellent weekend - if I have it my way, I shall be spending the next couple of days shopping and drinking white russians. its payday today you see ;)
I'm sure on monday morning I will be crying at my desk, trying to think of a way to tell my family they will not be getting any Christmas presents this year because I spent all my money in topshop and cocktail bars. EEK!


Couture Carrie said...

Hope your weekend rocks too, BR! Did you tag today - thanks for thinking of me :)


angelica said...

i love your blog. you are amazing! i love every single post.

margault said...

have a nice week end !
love !

electric feel said...

my weekend will be horrible
i will learn a lot for school ;(

the.ramonas said...

rhanks for the love! we definitely click with the pistures you have there of the brooklyn bridge. we LOOOOOVE ny and photographs that concept.
btw, we linked ya! hope you do as well!



hey lovely!

thanks for that sweet comment. I am absolutely enjoying my time in SF! thank u thank u!

i hope u enjoy ur weekend and this is the life of a fashionista....lookin hot but broke in the account. hahaha. life is good though right?

chriselle Maegan said...

lol ....cute photo as well!