Tuesday, 28 October 2008



Good lord above, I have been tagged by Alissa from Through the Looking Glass! So here goes...

Six random things about me

1. I have a degree in History fo Design
2. When I was little I wanted to be on Baywatch
3. I can play the bass and drums. but both fairly badly.
4. I have seven tattoos - hearts, an anchor, dice, ace of spades, some other cards and skull and crossbones
5. I love Alan Partridge! To an unhealthy extent. I had to stop watching it for a bit because I started to talk like Alan.
6. I used to work as a menswear fashion buyer

Six random things I like

1. Economics
2. Saturday mornings...for a whole year I missed out on most saturdays as I would go out on friday and stay up all night, but recently I have been enjoying the feeling of being alive on saturday mornings!
3. Learning languages. I am an ok french speaker and when I was at college I started learning Norweigan. Next Jan = Russian time!
4. MAYONNAISE! om nom nom I put it on everything. and balsamic vinegar!
5. Loungewear. I am just a skanky middle aged woman at heart, there's nothing I like more than hanging round my house in leggings and a big comfy jumper! Or even better - PJs!
6. Looking forward to parties.

Six random things I dislike

1. People who don't help those in need. I hate when people don't go to the aid of others when they need help because they are worried about getting involved and think it's someone else's job to help.
2. Black and red - there's something tacky and sugababes-esque about this colour combination! I'm talking black dress/red belt. Yuck!
3. My wobbly legs :(
4. Getting older. I will be 25 next year and I am scared...
5. Nuts...as I am allergic :)
6. When the buttons on your duvet aren't at the bottom of your bed...you know, when the duvet gets put round the wrong way and those buttons are in your face and not at your feet. Nooooo get those buttoms away from my face!

I am now going to tag Paperbag because she has such a gorgeous blog!


mademoiselleb said...

Hell yeah, I totally understand what you're saying about black and red :)!

And the pic is really cool.

LILLIA said...

haha im allergic to nuts too :( it sucks asss.