Monday, 20 October 2008

Paris est froid


Talk about a supergroup-editorial! Vogue Paris October 2008, 'A toute allure'. I wouldn't wear real fur but boy does it look beautiful in this pic.

Photographer: Terry Richardson, Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt, Model: Erin Wasson

Source: The Fashion Spot


Mimi said...

Love her face expression!

Allure said...

I want a fur coat, but somehow I'd feel guilty wearing it. Besides, most fake furs look ugly.

agnes said...

it's toooooo hot to wear a fur here, but i still want one.. lol

ryder said...

terry always makes paris vogue to look super goooood.
interesting choice of model, i always say that the best model for fur (even if i dont like it -real fur!!! ) is raquel zimmerman.