Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Furry Friend


Its getting colder and as you may have gathered form my previous posts, my lust for a warm, furry coat (faux of course - don't chuck red paint over me please!) is getting stronger. Last week I was all about boots but ive kind of moved on since I bought a nice buckled black pair from ebay the other day.
Here are some scans (courtesy of tFS) of Natasa Vojnovic by Matt Irwin from Russian Vogie November 2008. The styling is so deliciously 'eighties riche'...


Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic editorial! I love a big Russian sable for winter :)

Margot said...

i so want a second hand fur!!! i'm in desperate 'search'. i would like actually to have it delivered in my place 2morrow!!!

*yes that poem is so beautiful and sad at the same time.

alex hannah said...

oh yes! i think we do share some
crushes! I had the best faux fur coat
for winter but it gets a break now
for summer, give into the lust its
worth it!

seralouise said...

love these pics ! and love ur header ! xx